Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Jamu Traditional Spa

Dear readers,

Jamu spa?
oh ini memang best. Nama pun jamu. i went to Jamu spa with diyanah, my niece last week to do some facial-facial. lol.
why facial? because i love to be touched. haha. no lah! just kidding. the service was perfecto! meletop!. tak percaya boleh pergi try. i'll give you the address later sekali dengan price list. But make sure you do an appointment earlier. to whom it may concern, kindly read this:


Jamu Traditional Spa founded in Bali, Indonesia 1988. Small, intimate and luxurious Jamu Spas in Bali are gems of immeasureble value, dedicated to the healing therapies and beauty rituals found in Bali and the tropical island of Indonesia. Jamu, the essense of Indonesial life, honors the passage from birth to old age, by creating sancuaries to provide our guests with the best our creator provides.

Jamu Therapists are trained by professionals at Jamu Spa School, bali first private training centre holding CIBTAC accreditation. Jamu girls are selected from the villages of Bali and scholarships are available

Fresh flowers and leaves, dried roots and exotic spices, local raw honey, coconut milk, seasalt crystals and essential oils and tropical extracts made from nature, organic and pure, all blended together to create products guaranteed to provide intense sensual spa experiences.

Done reading? let's chit chatting again. I have tried three different Spas in jakarta near cipete. Why cipete? because my sister lives there. So easy to go. naik bajai pun boleh sampai. hehe. okay move.

Morniche Spa and Salon - i never try to do facial or body massage here. Just for creambath it cost like Rp60K around Rm20.

Puri Santi Spa - This one is recommended for those who loves scenery of bali with kayu jati here and there. I tried a traditional body massage treatment here and it's really worth. you won't regret i tell you!

Najwa is paying for billsss. *haha

Ruang tamu


That's so into me.

Jamu Spa - This is my second time went for facial treatment at Jamu Spa. Really unforgettable place and i don't know how to describe my feelings. satisfaction comes first! price? as mention earlier, sangat-sangat worth like woolworth. lol. Forget or Regret? (",)

Welcome ibuk..

Ginger fresh from freezer. lol

The color combination is just perfect

Facial treament for Normal Skin and recommended.
Tropical Nuts Facial - uses macadamia.

Papaya Soap they sell.

As promised, take a look at the price rate as below. *$ kchinggg *

Page 1

Page 2
This is a must for you to try! until now, bubbye. See you in Jakarta. InsyaAllah. (",)

Monday, June 11, 2012

First Anniversary.

Dear readers,

I have a test during that day. I still remembered when i got caught by the invigilator during exam. Haha. She came to my friend, Hanis and ask:
"that paper is nadia's isnt it? Kenapa awak ambil kertas dia?"

aiyyoman, actually itu kertas orang lain punya. Lepas aku tiru, aku bagi hanis tiru pulak sebab lagi 5 minutes dah nak pass up. Pity hanis he got scold by the invi.

ok Cik, kertas tu memang bukan hanis yang punya. lepas tu hanis jawab :
mana ada. saya punya! adoi.. LOL hahaha, mencuba untuk pertahankan diri.

Yeke? Cuba cakap betul-betul? (Dah memang dilahirkan dengan tidak pandai menipu). Dah dah, saya lepaskan kamu kalini. Tapi jangan cakap kat puan tau. Lain kali jangan buat lagi tau. Selamat pulangkan kertas itu ke orang yang sepatutnya.

That's the intro.

Just after i finished exam, i walked with few friends to the car park infront of CS1 building. I saw he stand there, holding a bouquet of flowers.

Stunning lagi

Oh man.. This is my 23rd birthday story. Not our 1st anniversary's.
Nah, let's just continue this story..

I walked towards him. And he gave me the flowers. A note paper with a poem he then gave to me and ask me to read. My reaction by that time was, "he is soo sastra dowh." I read and i was like, "it's just a poem. I don't even get the meaning." he said to me that the wrote the poem himself. I am so happy but i still don't understand the meaning. I was actually don't want to understand it. Because i thought it was just a love poem. Me bad. Okay guys, just forget it for a little while.

We had our dinner at Putera Ayu near padang jawa. In between, he came to me with a box of cupcakes. One of it was my favourite, cheese cuppycake. What a yummy! He said to me, "makan la yang cheese tu." i grab that one and slowly open the casing. Before i bite the cake, i lifted the upper layer of the cupcake and  suddenly?? *tadaaaa* a beautiful wonderful butterfly ring in the middle. I was speachless! This is my first ring i ever had! (i thank god for sending me this present). haha.

So once i get home, Farah read the poem and, "nad, cuba baca poem ni betul-betul. Its about the ring la." my reaction? Rasa bersalah sebab tak perasan. haha. My plan, is to reuse this ring for my wedding. hehe. InsyaAllah. =)

"You and I are like Butterflies...."
He wrote this poem fer me. *angkat kening* lol
Belajar focus saya sudah pandai

So that's my 23rd birthday story.

Until now, bubbye! see you Later, Alligator!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Old school

Dear readers,
I saw lots of pictures in the library room. Yea, its a family photos albums. The sweetest memories.

With the Kids ~2004

On My brother's and K.Fizah's Wedding day at Dewan Perdana Felda ~ 2009

Princess Iman's birthday

At Nelayan restaurant on nenek's birthday

With Harith Adam, Arif Alif, Haziq, Syafiq at Kuala Belait, Brunei
(Really missed Jerudong Park)

I guess this picture was taken during Hari Raya 2000. Rivera Melaka.

Sports day : Hilmi Kamarul

Dear readers,

We went to Hilmi's sports day at BIS jakarta this morning. Of course we were the biggest fans of him. we shout! we loud! haha. He was a really really good runner man! He got the power from his aunty i guess. Her makcu was a best runner too.


Go Hilmi! run! run! run!

He got ONE star! TWO stars! and THREE stars!

In between :
Trial camera focusing. I need to learn more about camera. Btw,

The Blurry Smiggle black watch.

My Working Shoes with grass background.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yuna Zarai

Dear readers,

Seriously i'm a big fan of yuna. I've started to love her voice at first. Begins with lagu Oh bulan, terukir di bintang and live your life. She is an idealistic.

Until one day i found she wore turban scarf. I was thinking to find the scarf. I went to her boutique, iamjetfuelshop in subang jaya for three times. Haha. The price is not bad. The cheapest is RM35. Its easy to wear circlescarf. You don't need to secure it with pins and it takes just two minutes to get ready.

It's a Romania theme
This photo been taken during photoshoot for Majalah EH! August 2011 edition

Leopard Zebra

Modern Classic which i love the most.

bang boo bang boo bang boo bang boo bang boo bang boo bang boo bang boo bang boo big bang!

Click Clock Click Clock Click :

My first time as a blogger after almost 3years dissapeared.

Dear readers, This is what i called as "all of sudden". I never knew that i would start writing in disneymoo blog again. Mana datang angin ribut entah. Actually, this idea came just after i read mieyra's, farihah's, allia's and few others blogs. They are still into it. Its a WoW! I'm proud of you guys.


Where have i been? Do i still remember my blog password? Yea of course not. I've tried an error just like when i was doing some programming coding. Always 0 or 1.

Owkay, perhaps later i should post something Attractive. until now, Guess what? I'm not mandi yet.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

i called it as emm "Aladdin pants"

Aladdin pants! so gorjess! i bought two of it. but different colours and design. one is black. The other one is red+white, got some design on it.(sorry guys, theres no pictures of it.) well, maybe the red one is too weird to wear, but to me, its a symbol of fashion.

emm guys!.. theres one more secret stuff we should go find! grab it! and buy!. hehe. The 'arabic pants'. (ill post the sample of the pictures later on.). actually, i've found it in wangsa walk. Theres one shop overthere selling blouse and arabic pants. its about RM60. its a handmade and i think its worth it. Check it out guys!